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 WInfield MT1

Published January 28, 2020


Winfield MT1

Many of these watches are automatic watches and while modern automatics are durable and feature shock resistance, they are more susceptible to damage than quartz watches. The lack of many intricate moving parts helps a quartz watch fit into the GADA category of watches. The Winfield Mission Timer One was specifically designed to be a quartz go anywhere, do anything watch. It features many of the same perqs as its automatic companions in this category and brings some flair of its own.





Winfield Mission Timer One

Published January 3, 2020


Winfield MT1

For any men looking for a new watch for their wrist in 2020, there is certainly no shortage of options to choose from. If you’re after an entry level luxury watch that scores well from both a style and performance perspective, this fantastic looking Winfield MT1 Watch will be pretty tough to beat. It has a striking aesthetic and first class materials which combine to make it one mighty impressive timepiece for any modern man. 


Marshall Time 

Published January 1, 2020


 Winfield MT1: An Adventure Watch for Civilians

Published December 31, 2019


Winfield MT1

Mark Miller is a watch lover and former officer in the Navy, and a career spent in far flung locales all over the world serving his country inspired his first watch with his new brand, Winfield Watch Company. The MT1 is Miller’s attempt at a tool watch where “form meets function,” a rugged timepiece that has just the right level of refinement to transition from tactical applications to the more everyday.


The Budding Watch Enthusiast 

Published December 11, 2019

My review of the Winfield Watch Company MT1; the debut watch from a new microbrand. Find out why I think this is a great option if you're looking for a tough field watch!

TimeToGo Travel and Timepieces

Published December 11, 2019 

Random Rob

Published December 10, 2019

Madrock Watches & Adventure

Published November 24, 2019
Mark Miller of Winfield Watch Company has hit it out of the park with his microbrand offering; the MT1. A vintage inspired time piece with some serious specs.  Watches are available now; Winfield Watches are not associated with any Kickstarter or similar campaign; they are fully funded and ready to ship.

Winfield MT1: An Adventure Watch for Civilians

Published November 6, 2019


Winfield MT1

Mark B. Miller is a man of action: a veteran who served ten years in Naval Intelligence, stationed with the Naval Special Warfare and Naval Aviation teams in Iraq supporting missions in the field. He was also into watches. He began crafting custom Seikos, a popular hands-on entry into the hobby among enthusiasts, but Miller considered it a learning experience for what would come next. Eventually, he took his hobby one step further—owing to his naval aviation past, he began crafting flight watches for friends and family.