Will Copestake kayaks Patagonia

Will Copestake kayaks Patagonia

The western fjords of Chilean Patagonia is a genuine wilderness frontier. It is remote, the weather harsh and coastline fringed in spiked vegetation. Everything about this place makes for hard travel. The coast is only accessible by boat or kayak where there are hidden glaciers tucked between the southern ice cap and the pacific ocean. 

Over the last three and a half years Will Copestake has pursued a fascination for exploring into these hard to reach areas where few else go, often following original Kaweskar tribal routes with their extensive use of ‘paso de Indio’ (portage). Why carry a sea kayak into the mountains, up rivers and as far away from where it was designed to go? Icebergs, lush temperate rainforest, glacial lakes, canyons, penguins and parrots. There is nothing to compare to the reward of hard work well earned with suitable reward. 

 Will spends twenty days per month through high season guiding guests along the Patagonian lakes and rivers. Every day he leads, teaches and entertains people from all walks of life through extremely wild terrain. 

Be it sea kayaking or portaging safe decisions come down to risk management and time. It is essential to keep track of the day and keep a punctual schedule. A good watch is essential.  Will treats gear as a tool and he is known for destroying kit.

"When I received my Winfield Mission Timer One, I fully expected to demolish it within a few weeks.  Taking the Winfield Mission Timer One with me to Patagonia this season, it has become an essential item on my PFD throughout the day. After months of salt water, glacial dust, scrapes with rocks, submersion, and southern hemisphere UV exposure it looks brand new! I looked forward to a season of guiding and expeditions to truly test its metal, so far it has excelled in every way."

Will Copestake, December, 2019

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