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About Winfield

Mark B Miller

Creator of Winfield Watch Company

Mark has had extensive global travel in his military and civilian career. During his service, he spent 10 years in Naval intelligence. While on active duty with Naval Special Warfare and Naval Aviation in Iraq supporting tactical missions, Mark contemplated a time keeping “form meets function” paradigm that has materialized in the form of Winfield Watch Company.

It all began while living overseas.  Mark began crafting custom Seiko’s, a popular hands-on entry into the hobby among enthusiasts.  He considered it a learning experience for what would come next. Eventually, he took his hobby one step further and began crafting flight watches for friends and family.  Self taught, he stripped and re-lumed hands, experimented with thermal bluing of screws and sourced and assembled his own automatic movements.  This provided the fundamental foundation of understanding time pieces.

In 2019, Mark decided to move to the next step.  He partnered with watch industry professionals to developed Winfield Watch Company.  Winfield is positioning itself as an adventure brand with roots in vintage military design.  Toughness is field tested with Team Winfield to ensure each Winfield watch meets Mark’s expectation, as well as yours.

Whether mountain climbing or skydiving, Winfield watches are designed to withstand the rigors of an adventurous lifestyle. As a Master Scuba Diver, avid skier, photographer, and mountain biker, Mark has made sure of that.

What is your quest?